9 thoughts on “Contact”

  1. Jane Bretz said:

    Lovely work, I really enjoyed looking at the web site. I
    have signed up for your course in November at the Old Chapel, Greenham near Newbury,but as yet have never done any machine
    embroidery and do not even have a sewing machine. I would really appreciate some
    advice about what the kind of machine a beginner in this field should purchase

  2. Jane, I have sent an email but it hasnt got through, you could email me direct on carol@carolnaylor.co.uk

  3. Superb Work, no words

    my mother in law also work in hand embroidery please check website https://www.asmitapotdar.com


  4. Superb Work, no words

    my mother in law also work in hand embroidery please check website http://www.asmitapotdar.com


  5. thank you Atish, very interesting work. Mine is machine embroidery though, not hand

  6. Janet Chambers said:

    My friends and I saw your wonderful work at Harrogate yesterday – really inspired. Do you ever have workshops in the Nottingham/Derby area?

  7. Ann Sharman said:

    I really love your work. A friend recently sent me some photos of Rainbow Mountains in Australia. Do you know of them? They could quite easily be of your embroideries with bright colours caused by minerals in the rocks etc. I’m wondering whether I would have a go at doing one of the photos as an embroidery but m not quite how to start. Interesting that you are now adding hand embroidery on top of the machine work. It certainly does add another dimension.

    • thank you so much Ann. I have seen photos but never been to Aus! Do have a go. I draw out main shapes, stitch in a few guide lines and start then the threads, fabric distortions and machine take over! I hope to do more with hand embroidery but seemed ot have lost my stitching mojo due ot lockdown. hopefully it will return–

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