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My first post for some months, but I’ve been looking at all my sketchbooks recently and my mark making seems to have been intrinsically linked to my embroidery, not necessarily with the intent to stitch, but to record information. They are my diaries and often bring back happy memories of places visited, some returned to many times, others one off holidays or work trips as I am lucky enough to have taught in many places. This year for all of us has been one where we have stayed at home or only visited local areas. I prefer to draw on site where ever I am and then often develop and invent from there. Sometimes I don’t like the end results so I cut up pieces then in my sketch book I extend the piece. I enjoy doing this and people who follow my instagram amd facebook will have seen some of these! I have many more. Your comments would be welcomed!

Fragment drawing from central Spain

Poppies on the South Downs near my home in West Sussex UK, followed by another fragment drawing from a piece based on central Spain

This one uses drawings I cut up and then extended with further drawing in my sketchbook

EPSON scanner image