A difficult time for us all, but I have had time to reflect, do some drawing, and make a few new pieces of work. With no visit to Spain this summer, I’ve gone back to my local landscape of the South Downs which I love equally. I will let the images speak for themselves, and hope to make textile pieces for my next post.

Drawing and painting from memory

My first pair show the wonderful views from Amberley, in West Sussex UK and a sketchbook painting I did. I don’t copy my drawings or photos, they are there to start me off and then memories, direct experience and my imagination take over.

The South Downs near Goodwood follow, a very short drive from home. I did an observational pencil drawing on the spot, then came home and did the small sketchbook painting, playing and changing my ideas and colours as I worked.

Finally two drawings of trees done in a friends garden, drawing with a group of local artists called Artel. No textile thoughts yet, perhaps they are just sketchbook memories for the future.