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No need to explain the word Isolation, but Alchemy is the title and theme of an exhibition that has been postponed. This is a group of contemporary artists  I belong to in Chichester, called ARTel. We all practice different art-forms, including painting, printmaking, sculture, photography, film, textiles. Motivation, whatever we do, is so important to everyone now, not just artists, so my “alchemy” is this-

I have found old embroidery threads and little bits of fabric hidden away in my studio. Some threads are 40 years old, others may be 10 years old but not used since then. I am using light in the sky, over land or sea, and machine embroidering as usual, but trapping fabric fragments and adding tiny areas of hand stitching ! I have never done this before. Hope you enjoy my efforts so far. The aim is to increase the hand stitching as I develop my ideas. You may need to search for the stitched in fabrics and added threads! COMMENTS welcome!

Golden Light of Evening001_edited-1

Above, “Golden Light of evening ” 5 in sq/13cm sq embedded fragments of fabric and fibres Below “Early evening sky” 6in/15cm sq– remembered from my last train journey back from London 4 weeks ago – added threads are hand stitched over machine embroidery with embedded fragments

2020-03-17 13.53.12_edited-1

Below, “Scattered Light” with embedded gold fabric and hand stitching, 6 in / 15cm sq

Scattered light

“Orange Sky” sunrise, hand embroidery in the skies 5in/ 13cm sq

Orange Sky