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A much overdue entry here from me, but after a month of travelling in Spain I am ready to start working again. I find the contrasts in the land and sea utterly inspiring, and never tire of looking at looking at the way  in which things change hour by hour. I often re-draw the same views. If Cezanne could draw and paint endless views of Mt St Victoire then I think its allowed!   So this blog entry is about Isla in Cantabria, Spain, a place I first visited in 1983, and my next one will be the landscape.

Isla rocks001

Above, drawing of rocks and sea on a stormy day, and rock studies below

Isla rocks

Isla beach001

Isla, Cantabria, just a few of the many photos I’ve taken there


2016-08-20 19.58.32

and finally 2 pieces I made a year ago inspired by these visits both now in new homes. I never copy drawings or photographs, but they inform my thinking. I have ideas for new ones, so we will see what happens! The first is called Cantabrian Nightfall, and the second  Summer Storm, Cantabria.

Cantabrian Nightfall


Summer Storm Cantabria 1.jpg