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I’ve recently been looking back at some of my much earlier work and can see how much it has changed over the years. When I lectured full time I spent most of my time exploring ideas and techniques with my students. I began using a mixture of hand and machine embroidery, but made paper, explored felt making, used dyes, batik and other textile media. Behind it all were my sketch books. Observation and experience was always my starting points, no matter how much I abstracted or changed the initial imagery. Here are some much earlier pieces going back to the 80s and 90s  to compare and contrast for those who are familiar with my recent work.

This piece was based on the local landscape meeting the sea. 1983, 60cm  x42cm approx. Hand made paper with mixed media drawing, embedded pieces of dyed of silk and threads, and some simple hand embroidery

Paper sea001 copy

The next piece from 1988 uses pulp poured onto a ground of handmade paper with additional fibres and stitch and is part of a larger piece which was 50cm x 37cm. The starting points were menhirs and other standing stones


Moving on to the 90s I went back to machine embroidery, where I’ve remained ever since despite huge changes in imagery and style

Carol Naylor Beach Umbrellas 1993

The piece above was based on drawings from the Costa Brava in Spain, made in 1993. Some variegated threads were used alongside a limited palette of bright colours to reflect the heat of the day

Heres the first drawing done in situ. pencil, so quite delicate but I hope it’s clear enough

beach Umbrella sketch001

and one of the designs I made from it, although I only used aspects of this in the embroidery as I felt it was too fussy!

beach Umbrella sketch 3