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A quick post to catch up after three weeks away charging my creative batteries in Spain, and I’m now thinking of my next series of machine embroideries. This year both the wonderful landscape of the meseta and the Cantabrian sea at Isla have offered me ideas. I have used Spanish landscape on many an occasion, but this year dramatic changes in the weather on the northern coast produced some wonderfully contrasting sunrises. I hope to start a series of small images that explore sky and sea as well as land. Here are just some of the sunrises and also an amazing red field seen in Castille, with a drawing also from this area near Covarrubias, so look out for future developments. Light and shadow, sol y sombra so difficult to capture but what most of my work is really about. The final image is called “Sol y Sombra” that is sun and shadow and is from an earlier series. It found a new home this summer

Isla 2

Isla 4Isla 1


EPSON scanner image

sol y sombra, size of embroidery 32cm x34cm approx

Naylor, Sol y Sombra