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This post features not just my textiles, but life drawing and painting by my husband Albert, so do take a look! With several exhibitions coming up, I’ve been making new pieces to tie in with my current themes of light and shadow, especially looking at the different seasons. The first show is Chichester Art Trail in May, which I’ll be doing here in my home with Albert, who is showcasing a series of new life drawings alongside some of his paintings. The mix of paintings, drawings and textiles makes it more interesting for visitors who can see how differently we both interpret the same subjects. The textile and painting here are both inspired by the same area of Spain.

The trail is on the following days, May 2/3/4 and 9/10. All details from http://www.chichesterarttrail.org

and here are a few images to whet your appetite!

The tools of the trade-my sewing machine, threads and sketchbook

Carol Naylor, close up of textile

Gold and Silver Light-memories of Spanish evenings in Castille

Golden Light small file

Life drawing by Albert Naylor

Life Study in conte001

One of Albert’s abstract Spanish landscapes from Castille