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It’s been awhile since I posted, but I’ve been getting ready for my exhibition “Sewing the Land” at the Old Chapel Textile Centre in Greenham, Newbury, UK. This is an interesting venue, as in the 80s it was the chapel for the troops on Greenham common during the nuclear missile crisis. It’s now the home of the National Needlework Archives and I was invited to put on an exhibition in their gallery area. This has been an interesting challenge. I wanted to do something a little different, so I’ve put up work that spans the last ten years, from a hanging made for another one person show in 2004 to some of my most recent pieces. The exhibition is now open until December 6th,details from the centre on both facebook and of course from the following websites



When people say to me “what are you doing next” my answer is invariably “I don’t know until it happens” This exhibition shows how both my imagery and stitching have changed and metamorposed during this decade. From large abstract river hangings, that used both aerial photography, maps and memory, to site specific pieces that draw on landscape observed on my travels.

The Mountains of Mourne are on show again and contrast well with the more abstract hangings

C Naylor, Mountains of Mourne

Blue and Lilac shadows is part of a series of smaller works looking at lavender fields in the UK, France and Spain

blue and Lilac shadows

Arunscape is a diptych based on local area maps, experiences, rivers and many other ideas, this is part of one of the panels.

Arunscape, first panel

Arunscape is part of a diptych rarely seen, and I have enjoyed looking at it again.