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I’ve been working on a series of small images inspired by a visit to our local lavender farm in West Sussex, as well as using ideas observed on my travels in France and Spain. I build line over line in different blues, purples, greens, trying to suggest my experiences rather than copy what I see. The techniques I employ in this and all my works incorporate cable stitch, where heavy threads are put in the bobbin. I turn over and stitch on the reverse side, so that the top thread couches the heavy thread on the right side. This allows me to use a really wide variety of rayon, metallic and woollen mixes that would otherwise be inpossible to stitch. Here’s a piece that was commissioned by a client, called ” Shades of Blue and Lavender”

Shades of blue and lavender

This is a follow up piece called “Where the Lavender Grows”

Where the Lavender grows001

And here is a detail of the stitching

Where the Lavender detail