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My last post was about the way in which the poetry of Robert Frost had influenced my approach to making textiles. This entry shows you a few ideas and pieces that have come from other sources. “Oh the opal and the sapphire of that wandering western sea” These words are from “On Beeny Cliff” by Thomas Hardy. I actually studied him many years ago at school and this poem and its description of sea, cliff, love and life never left me. The sea has always played a part in my life, living by or near it, watching its moods and colours, crossing it, drawing it.

The following textiles are from a series I made a few years ago. The little drawings are from a visit to Cromer in Norfolk (eastern UK) last week. My sketchbook always goes with me, it is my diary and I never know whether I will use my drawings or whether they simply serve as a reminder of places visited and observed.

Charmouth Bay 2008 (found a home in Ireland!)

Charmouth Bay-C Naylor

Oddicombe Bay 2008, currently on view at Primavera Gallery, Cambridge. A departure in terms of colour for me, inspired by the amazing red cliffs and sands there.

Naylor C Oddicombe Bay

Little seascape, Cromer, Norfolk, 2014


Cromer, seascape,rain in the air 2014