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With the Chichester Art Trail over, a number of works have found new homes, which is always gratifying! In particular a favourite piece of mine called  “Sierra 1” went to a new customer. It was one of four pieces I made inspired by the poem “Nothing Gold can Stay” by the wonderful Robert Frost. An image follows with images of Sierra 2 and 4 as well. I was trying to look at the way in which the light changes throughout the day, altering the way in which we perceive colour, which is so beautifully expressed in this poem.I havent reproduced the poem here as I’m not sure about copyright! Sierra 1 is about early morning, and the other three pieces looked at different times of the day. Read the poem and you’ll see what I mean. Poetry and songs have helped me formulate ideas on a number of occasions. Thomas Hardy is another, and even titles from Joan Baez songs have found their way into my visual repertoire! I’ll save those for another post!

Here is Sierra 1, early morning in central Spain, the source of so much personal inspiration


Sierra 2, as the golden light turns to green

Sierra 2


Sierra 4, morning light revisited

Sierra 1V