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A busy few weeks since the January London exhibition Designer Crafts, making new works as well as completing a small commission that will soon be going to its new home in France. As the commissioner follows this blog I’m not showing an image if this until it’s in its new home. I think the owner should see it first!

It did inspire me to start on a new series of small canvases, so “The Scent of Autumn” is a follow up piece and I hope to make more.

It’s also so encouraging and reaffirming when a new visitor to the studio finds an earlier piece to their liking. “Estuary” is one of my favourite hangings inspired by maps, aerial photography and flying so that is also going to a new home. Both pieces follow here.

These two works required very contrasting approaches. The constant  building up and layering of fine threads over a heavier thread base features in “The Scent of Autumn”, whilst the larger hanging uses rich, bold lines, strong colours and merino wools embedded and overlaid with thread. These techniques all result in a more abstract end product exploring shapes and patterns observed rather than an identifiable image.

Scent of Autumn

Scent of Autumn merged


Estuary 2004 (Website)