Skyfall  for blog

A busy few weeks, teaching, lectures and then family matters have taken my time so I was pleased to get a new piece finished earlier this month. Skyfall (yes, I stole the title from somewhere!) will I hope be the first of a series where I explore further recent interests in skies and skylines. I’ve already made some smaller pieces, including several based on a visit to Lanzarote last November. The images posted today include another one from this series and also a lovely turquoise sea picture by Sue Dunkerley from the workshop I gave in St Albans, where I was thrilled with the students’ first attempts at using my techniques. Shows just what can be achieved if you are brave! Once again we were concentrating on using cable stitch and this is not easy if you are new to it. You do have to go with the flow, literally!

EPSON scanner imageSue Ds piece detailEPSON scanner image